Stage Shots $125 / EB $95
Includes all edited stage shots, interview wear shot, group shots, and candid shots throughout the week. Your stage shots include personal printing rights and will be sent to you in a private, password protected gallery within 4 weeks of the pageant. All group shots and candid shots will be sent to you in a separate gallery where they can be downloaded by anyone who has purchased stage shots. Please do not share your group gallery link with anyone who has not paid as it is not fair to those who have paid. Stage shots can be purchased at registration and will require a cash payment at that time. If you prefer to pay by card, please pay online and save a few dollars with the Early Bird pricing! Stage shots will be kept on file for 60 days after the pageant for post-pageant ordering. The price for post pageant ordering is $150.


SIBLING or MOTHER/DAUGHTER Discount $10 off each package per person. If you are eligible for a discount, PLEASE email me so I can set up a separate payment option for you. Thanks! :)

Stage Shots $125 on or after 6/13/21
Stage Shots $95 on or before 6/12/21

Terms and agreement:

Due to the nature of digital downloads, all payments are final and non-refundable. The ONLY circumstance where we will issue a refund is if your child falls ill or has an otherwise unexpected situation that does not allow them to compete at nationals.

If you booking headshots, please make sure you are happy with your contestants appearance. Refunds are not permitted in the event that you do not like your hair, makeup, or wardrobe selection.

If you are purchasing stage shots (which include access to the group and candid shot gallery as well), you agree not to share the link with anyone outside of the members of your household. Anyone who purchases the stage shots package will have a download link from Lindsay King Portraits and will not need to get it from anywhere else.

I will work within the best of my abilities and experience to provide the highest quality photos from stage and candid moments. Hotel and event lighting is beyond my control and I will work within every situation to provide the best possible outcome.


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